Talented 17-year-old Joanna Li came first equal in the Open Junior Section of the New Zealand Poetry Society’s (NZPS) 2017 International Poetry Competition with a poem entitled Hidden Figures. Her poem has been published in the newly released New Zealand Poetry society anthology, and is copied below. Joanna has a long list of awards and… Read More

Ann Russell is an acclaimed welfare and conservation writer, and she has created a charming tale for animal lovers everywhere with this beautifully illustrated picture book. Lara Frizzell is the illustrator of the colourful and appealing artwork.Little Truff is out with her family in a boat at sea when she senses something is wrong. A… Read More

The Kiwi Cyclist’s Guide to Life is a collection of inspiring stories about the lives and cycling adventures of a broad range of Kiwis from all around New Zealand. From Olympians and world champions to everyday recreational riders, this book takes an inquisitive peek into how these cyclists got interested in their sport, what motivates… Read More

Kath Bee is well-known as a songwriter, winning awards for her songs such as Individuality and Dad I Wanna Be A Camel. Now her most popular song, Dragons Under My Bed is published as a picture book, with beautiful illustrations by Lisa Allen. Dragons Under My Bed tells the story of a family of dragons… Read More

In The Long and Winding Aotearoa we find George Lockyer riding his Triumph Bonneville around the country, from Kaitaia to Invercargill, and share his witty and funny take on life from under a crash helmet. On the way around our magnificent country, he stops to interview some fascinating characters, each with a story to tell… Read More