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Lulu La Ru Steps Up as a Step-Mum by Gina Bartlett

Updated: Apr 27

This is such a refreshing book. A lovely, kind, caring step-mum takes centre stage in an entertaining read that reveals the love and fun of being part of a blended family.

Based loosely on the author’s real life, Lulu La Ru is a sassy, loveable character with a heart of gold, who faces the challenges of helping raise two young girls when she falls in love with a man who has children.

What follows is a fun adventure as she embraces the chaos and unexpected challenges of suddenly having two children in her life. There is the moving in mayhem, figuring out how the household will now run, the lack of privacy with little eyes seeing everything, navigating the school gates, and travelling on planes with two youngsters. All the while, there is a lot of laughter and love.

With vibrant, fun illustrations and lively short chapters, Lulu La Ru Steps Up as a Step-Mum is a truly delightful book for 7 to 12-year-olds, and it will hold special interest for all blended families, where a Step-Mum can also be known as a Super Terrific Extra Parent. Go get a copy!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Moxie Press


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