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How To Be A Cat by Juliette MacIver


The lessons continue as little Duck learns all the tricks of the trade to be a cat. From washing fur, to stalking prey, to climbing trees. Can little Duck do the same things the kittens do?

This sweet simple story is the companion to Duck Goes Meow, which won the New Children's Best Picture Book Award 2023

Author Juliette MacIver keeps it simple, using rhyme and rhythm to tell the story. It makes for a delightful read-aloud due to this, and there's plenty of opportunity for adult readers to add flair and excitement with their reading.

While a simple story, there's a sweet lesson of inclusion and belonging that MacIver imparts.

Illustrator Carla Martell is back, with colourful characters that imbue all the actions of learning how to be a cat with energy and humour. With bold, bright colour and delightful drawings, the artwork is perfectly pitched for the younger readers. 

How To Be A Cat is such a simple idea and a perfect follow-up story, but MacIver executes it brilliantly with a sweet and delightful ending.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell



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