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About NZ Booklovers

NZ Booklovers is an online home for books, and for those who enjoy reading them. The site was created by book lovers for book lovers. It is a bookworms' hub, dedicated to bringing New Zealanders everything they need to know about reading and the world of literature, and to making this information accessible to everyone.

Working alongside publishers and book publicists, NZ Booklovers showcases both New Zealand and international titles. It provides a platform for sharing articles, author interviews, reviews, and book-related stories, as well as book news, competitions, and reading and writing advice. 


How can I become a reviewer or writer for NZ Booklovers?

If you’d like to join our team, you can contact us and find out if we are hiring. We get a lot of applicants and only select the very best, but we would love to hear from you if you are keen.

Do your reviewers/writers get paid?

Only in books… which are the best kind of payment really!

How do competition winners know if they have won?

We email winners directly, so make sure you check your spam folder. Winners have 5 working days to get in touch with address details before the prize is redrawn.

How do I get a review, Q&A or competition on NZ Booklovers?

We are happy to hear from publishers about any upcoming books, so feel free to contact us. Due to the volume of requests we can't guarantee we will run a review, Q&A or competition, but we try to include as many as we can!

But I don't have a publisher, I have self-published instead, so can my book still feature on NZ Booklovers?

If you have a book distributor and a professional book publicist, we would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us. Sorry, due to the volume of requests, we can't take submissions from self-published authors who don't have a publicist or distributor. Note that we don't review e-books.

If my book is reviewed on NZ Booklovers, how can I make sure it is a good review?

Each review is the opinion of the reviewer and while we do not guarantee good reviews, if a reviewer doesn’t like a book they will say so in a constructive way by explaining why they didn’t like the book.

Can I request a particular reviewer to review my book?

Yes, just mention it when submitting your book for review and we will see if that reviewer in particular can fit your book into their schedule if it is of interest to them.

Privacy Policy

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We collect information when you fill in an online form, subscribe to a newsletter, or correspond with us.

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