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Dinner Done Better by The Food Bag Team

My Food Bag has been a revolution in the dinner prep landscape for New Zealanders. While overseas, the concept of bagged meals for a week has long been a staple of supermarkets and pop-up brands; My Food Bag certainly made itself known when it arrived over 10 years ago. In that time, quintessential Kiwi chef Nadia Lim has taken the brand from strength to strength.

Now, taking some of those tricks learned over that decade in the food prep business, the My Food Bag team brings out this newest cookbook: Dinner Done Better. Offering sections like ‘Fast & fuss-free’, ‘Foodie Favourites’, ‘Fresh Flavours’, ‘Meatless Mondays’ and ‘Weekend winners’, the cookbook provides easy-to-follow recipes and some handy cheats along the way to ensure a quality meal every time.

The start of the book kicks into gear with a list of pantry ‘provisions’ that, really, every household should have as part of their meal prep regime. The range of oils and pulses seemed a little overwhelming at first but proved immensely helpful - time and time again.

All the recipes that have been tried (around 80% of the available 80+) have been winners and straightforward to put together. There aren’t unusual store items and there isn’t a degree required to put these flavours together or some unknown French cutting style that takes a few hours on YouTube to learn.

Stand-out favourites were definitely the 'Easy One-Pan Gnocchi’, and ‘Beef & Bacon Smash Burgers’, but there was something to like about everything - and even fussy children were easily pleased.

It’s one of those cookbooks that you are comfortable with pulling out at the drop of a hat when you’re just not sure what to make. The recipes are delicious and the flavour pairings really do bring some pretty ordinary ingredients to life.

Overall, one that has earned the right to be put into the rotation without hesitation. Definitely worth the effort.

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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