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Two Cookbooks for a Healthy Summer

As the weather warms and the daylight hours lengthen, it is the ideal time to match the fresh and renewed energy of Summer with fresh and healthy recipes. Exisle Publishing has two titles that are a must-read to kick-start you into a healthy summer: Power Foods Cookbook and Sugar Detox for Beginners.

The power of the food we eat has been a hot topic in recent years, with the media and medical community highlighting the impact of both good and bad foods on our health and wellbeing. Power Foods Cookbook: Power Foods Recipes for a Healthy Brain and Body, by Healdsburg Press, explains that eating natural super foods is not only helpful in promoting healthy brain function, but is essential to it. With the right nutrient-rich food, your brain can be better protected against depression, dementia, and ADD, along with everything from stress to heart disease.

Power Foods Cookbook offers easy-to-follow research and explanations on why certain nutrients – such as Omega-3s and vitamin E – are so important for a healthy brain, and why other nutrients are harmful. Foods that are beneficial for the brain are outlined, ready to be added to your shopping list, and a simple 7-day meal plan will help you to transition to Power Foods. The 50 delicious recipes are simple and straightforward to prepare, the ingredients easy to find, and the end result tasty and wholesome to enjoy.

While Power Foods Cookbook focuses on powering up your brain, Hayward Press has released a book that will help you to beat your addiction to sugar. Sugar Detox for Beginners: Your Guide to Starting a 21 Day Sugar Detox will take you through each step of eliminating sugar from your diet. There are options for a 3-day “cold-turkey” sugar detox, or a 21-day gradual sugar elimination, both with interesting, manageable and varied meal plans. And with 77 easy and nutritious recipes, including such delights as Almond Pancakes and Salmon Teriyaki, you won’t be feeling any lack for long.

What I love most about Sugar Detox for Beginners is that there is no shortage of handy tricks and tips. Considering sugar is as addictive as caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, it is important to know what to do to beat sugar cravings, what foods to avoid and enjoy, how best to shop, and what to do when you’re celebrating, travelling or are in “company”. All of this – and much more – is covered to ensure your success.

Both of these titles stand out to me because they are wonderful if a meal plan is what you’re after, but they’re also ideal if you’d just like to bring an extra boost of health to your regular weekly meals. Personally, I have been looking to Power Foods Cookbook and Sugar Detox for Beginners for some weekday inspiration and to help me bring a bit more balance to my mealtimes. My shopping cart is slowly being filled with more kale and quinoa and fewer cookies and ice cream, gradually transitioning to healthier, happier, more powerful food.

Emma Codd


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