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Treasure Hunters: Danger down the Nile, by James Patterson

The latest installment of the Treasure Hunter’s series will once again keep fans of the book series engaged for hours. The extra thick book will appeal to those kids out there that like to impress upon others their reading prowess, but the short chapters will keep even the most unenthused reader occupied and interested enough to keep at it when their teacher forces them to ‘read a chapter book’.

Like other successful young reader/youth fiction, the author – acclaimed thriller writer James Patterson, employs illustrations through out the novel to keep up interest levels. To say that the book needs the pictures, wouldn’t be fair as there is plenty of exciting action throughout. Plus, if you didn’t realise that James Patterson also wrote youth fiction, don’t panic, Junior is not going to be scarred for life reading it. Quite the opposite as you get some decent writing, crafted towards the younger palate.

Danger down the Nile, the second Treasure Hunters book sees the usual rag tag bunch of Kidds, heading out looking for…er, treasure. The Kidd’s are four siblings who always find themselves on adventures throughout the world. This time it’s focused on looking for their parents who are caught up in some form of CIA spy mystery. It’s kind of the same parental neglect that Dora and Diego suffered from for years, but in book form and way more exciting.

At least in the Kidd’s situation they are at least looking for their parents rather than just scarping off with some monkey. Plus one of them, Tommy, is over 14 and therefore counts as being able to look after children. At least on New Zealand shores, but on the high seas, or in submarines, or in Cairo back streets, or breaking into schools at night… ok, well, you kind of all wished you had a cool big brother like that when you were growing up.

Danger down the Nile will entertain your young reader and give them a great adventure to immerse themselves in. Just don’t get upset with they start digging up the backyard looking for treasure of their own.

REVIEWER: Drew Thompson

TITLE: Treasure Hunters: Danger down the Nile

AUTHOR(S): James Patterson

PUBLISHER: Penguin Random House

RRP: $19.99


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