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The Other Sister by Philippa Werry

I thought The Telegraph was a terrific read, so I was very keen to read the follow-up from Philippa Werry, The Other Sister.

Opening in January 1920, when the First World War is over (but in many ways it is not, with Europe in tatters and hospitals filled with wounded and damaged soldiers) Tilly Thomas wants to make her mark on the world. She is inspired by her older sister, who became the town’s first telegram girl. A new decade promises new possibilities, but girls like Tilly are still held back by all the things that girls can’t or aren’t supposed to do.

Tilly is fourteen years old and is caught in a time shattered by war and a pandemic. But she earns a scholarship to go to a smart school and does her best to make the most of the opportunity, despite the posh kids who look down at her and probably notice she has holes in her shoes. And she volunteers for the convalescent home for wounded soldiers, learning a lot about resilience and positive attitude as she spends time with the patients there.

The Other Sister is an excellent read for young adults and those older. It’s well-researched history, and it has themes that resonant in a modern world. Tilly is a plucky character to really care for, and I enjoyed the historical notes and photographs at the back of the book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

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