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The Creative Seed by Lilian Wissink

How does creative expression give meaning to your life? Creativity isn’t just the domain of artists or musicians, it’s for everyone. Whether you write, sing, play music, knit, paint, sculpt or sew, its likely you will be familiar with the ups and downs of the creative process.

Even if you don’t think you have a scrap of artistic flair, you may be surprised to find a new creative dimension in your life. Discover your creativity with The Creative SEED process Skills, Experimentation, Evaluation and Discovery.

Author Lilian Wissink’s SEED model provides a framework, for what is most often perceived as an unstructured process. While reading The Creative SEED, I used the skills and strategies Lilian describes and found it a very helpful process. I especially liked the chapters on creative playdates and mindfulness. I also have a better understanding of the value of solitude and the transformative nature of creativity.

Lilian’s guide book is ideal for exploring many different forms of creative expression. Whether you are a beginner or well established, Lilian offers a range of strategies to inspire you.

The Creative SEED will help you identify a creative interest, uncover your strengths and overcome common obstacles. There are particularly useful sections on managing anxiety, stress, self-talk, perfectionism and procrastination. Even better, the practical tools and tactics are easily transferable to all areas of life.

Lilian Wissink has over two decades experience as a psychologist, helping people to realise their potential. Over the years she has enjoyed creative expression in acting, dancing, drawing, painting, photography and singing. Within the last decade she has also evolved as an artist, from an absolute beginner to exhibiting her work.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Exisle Publishing, RRP $19.99


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