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The Adventures of Mittens: Wellington’s Famous Purr-sonality by Silvio Bruinsma and Phoebe Morris

Mittens the ginger Turkish Angora cat has been described as ‘the most famous cat ever to parade the streets of Wellington’. Unlike his brother, Latte, who likes to snooze at home, Mittens made it his mission to explore Wellington top to bottom. He’s been found in some of the most unlikely places, and has made many people’s day by deigning to be petted.

This memorable new picture book catalogues some of the puss cat’s varied adventures, proving the saying that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. After all, not every cat has been presented a key to the city by the mayor. Mittens’ escapades include browsing clothes shops, drinking from the Cuba St fountain, going to the hairdressers, to a show, to the police station, and much more! Written by Mittens’ owner Silvio Bruinsma, the story, with its fun read-aloud rhymes is a testament to a cat much loved, not only at home but through the whole city and even the wider world online. Well-known Phoebe Morris has produced colourful illustrations are fun and cheerful, that are even better because they show so many well-known places. A lovely touch at the very end of the book is ‘Silvio’s tips’ for making sure that family cats don’t interfere with local birdlife.

It may be just a guess, but I feel confident in my suggestion that the eminent Mittens His Royal Floofiness himself is more than satisfied with his new picture book written by his adoring owner. Although apparently for children, the story of this Wellington personality will allow young and old alike to gaze upon his artfully rendered visage in their living rooms daily, as all good royal subjects should. No doubt, His Royal Floofiness has already perused its pages and is delighted that the subjects of his royal kingdom feel so inspired to pay him his due. Possibly, if you are lucky enough to purchase this book in Wellington itself, he may even condescend to meet you beside the counter, congratulating you on your good taste.

Reviewer: Susannah Whaley

Puffin RRP $19.99


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