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A Hug So Tight by Holly Melville-Bell

Inspired by her young cousin Theo, who has Down syndrome, Holly Melville-Bell has created a fun and engaging children’s picture book that teaches children some simple sign language as part of the story.

In this heart-warming tale, we follow the adventure of Lenny, who is a cheeky Loris getting up to mischief in the forest. In the story, he learns how to make friends, and as he does so, we see the animals using sign language.

The illustrations are a joy and the text is pitched perfectly for young children. It’s fabulous to see the resource guide at the back of the book. I am sure A Hug So Tight will be read many times over, and families will have a lot of fun trying out the sign language in the book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Published by Twig


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