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Andy & The Little Rimu Tree by Hydie Balle-Hands

Andy wants to join his parents when they go out one evening, but he has to stay home with his nanny instead. She surprises him when she shows him a little Rimu tree and tells him that the Rimu tree will grant him three wishes if he believes with all his heart that the wishes will be granted.

Andy wishes to go on a great adventure and goes to sleep in his bed. But he is soon on an amazing adventure with Archer, his dog, on a ship. He learns a sneaky pirate has stolen his Rimu tree, and Andy realises immediately they will need this to return home! Will they be able to get the Rimu tree back?

This is a wonderful story about positive belief and is pitched perfectly for children. It reads aloud well, and the illustrations are a delight. I really enjoyed there was a colouring spread at the back of the book for children to add their own creativity to this enchanting picture book. This is a fun story!

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Beau Books


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