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Rock Pools: A Guide for Kiwi Kids by Ned Barraud

Rock pools are enchanting places that have captivated kids for generations.

Author Ned Barraud grew up on the Nelson waterfront and often disappeared down to the rocky shore for hours of fun and exploration.

His infatuation with rock pools has been immortalised on the pages of this book, that offers and intriguing glimpse into the world of the creatures that inhabit these low-tide wonderlands.

Full of quirky facts the book offers plenty to inform and delight its readers. The lives of crabs, sea anemones, starfish and barnacles are all documented. Barraud's illustrations are beautifully detailed and intricate. He uses a range of perspectives to entice the reader in. The book opens with a long shot of the rocky shore - firmly cementing the reader to the place. It is both beautifully detailed yet generic enough that any reader will be able to identify with the landscape.

Detailed drawings of the creatures offer more insight, and Barraud also uses clever cross-sections and bird's eye view perspectives to explore the rock pools.

Barraud also cleverly includes questions in his text. This encourages deeper thinking and allows families to reflect on their learnings.

It will make a wonderful gift for any Kiwi kid, and should be a required text in every school.

The book serves as a wonderful inspiration and reference guide to take along to the beach too. Barraud's illustrations serve as an inspiration to get children sketching and contemplating their natural world.

Rock Pools: A Guide For Kiwi Kids is a wonderful guide that implores families to explore our natural world.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Potton & Burton, RRP $19.99


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