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Just Remember by Donna Blaber

Just Remember is a beautiful story of independence, magic and reconnection. Em (Emilia - although she isn’t a fan of her full name) is still reeling from the death of her father and so, with her mum not coping with the loss, she goes to live with her Nana in Matapouri. But things aren’t what they initially seem in the sleepy town of the North.

This Young Adult Fiction novel is long enough to develop some loveable characters in Em and her friends Jessie and Mia, while also being short enough to keep the story moving along at a swift pace. On her adventures along the beach and up to the Mermaid Pools, she finds more in common with her dad’s hometown than she first thought.

Donna Blaber has constructed a special story of hope in penning ‘Just Remember’. Obviously a skilled writer, she is able to create excitement for what lies beyond the special Nikau Palm that holds such a precious place in Em and her Dad’s memory. She also has a special obsidian stone that is shaped like a heart - could that be the clue that she has been looking for?

The return of her mother to Matapouri brings with it a set of new challenges as Em has to navigate the causes and struggles around the death of her father. There are some things she is not quite ready to tell her yet. However, her mother may prove to be more helpful than first thought when it comes to catching a criminal.

But what about the rahui? And who is this man who keeps telling her to stay away? ‘Just Remember’ is a story that will be loved on bookshelves around the nation bringing together a uniquely Kiwi feel with magic, wonder and beautiful story telling.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Ages 10+


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