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Hairy Maclary and Friends, 123 and Colours by Lynley Dodd

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Lynley Dodd is famous for her Hairy Maclary books, all of them which feature animals with rhyming names and they have really cool illustrations! Lynley Dodd writes and illustrates all her books, and she is so good at what she does she was a made a Dame in 2009.

Lynley Dodd has two new board books out.

123 is a counting book for little children, and it has all the words in English and Maori. It counts through so it is one cockatoo, two bed, three bones, four teddy bears, etc, with these great pictures and the words in both languages.

Colours is really good for little children to learn about colours, and again it has all the words in English and Maori. So you see we have blue, green, white and yellow and much more!

All families with little kids should have these books. They are board books, so not easily destroyed, and the pictures are amazing. And you’ll get to learn counting and colours in two languages!

Reviewer: Milla McKenzie-Brown

Penguin Random House


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