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Be Your Best Self by Rebekah Ballagh

This is the fifth book of Rebekah’s I have reviewed! I’m a big fan of the New Zealand author, coach and counsellor. Why? Because she shares practical strategies to help people change the way they see themselves and create lasting changes.

From your inner critic to perfectionism, self-sabotage and procrastination, soothing your nervous system, to limiting beliefs, boundaries and self-love, she’s got you covered.

If you’ve never delved into the self-help genre, Be Your Best Self is the ideal place to start! Rebekah expertly blends insights and tips with her trademark illustrations to help you realise your potential.

During her sessions with clients, several key themes consistently emerge and these are featured in Be Your Best Self:

  • discover your inner critic and inner worth

  • decode your emotions

  • step out of the worry trap

  • break free from self-sabotage

  • tame your thoughts

  • re-write your limiting beliefs

  • let go of what others think

  • protect your energy

  • create healthy habits

  • learn to love yourself

“These themes pop up over and over again and hold such potential for change and growth if only people could work through them,” she says.

Rebekah’s aim is for readers to realise they are not alone and they are more than capable. She invites readers to discover a treasure chest of tools and information to use in their lives, perhaps unearthing an entire new way of thinking, she says.

“I wanted to translate some of the content and learning that happens in my coaching groups and therapy sessions and put it into a book – something accessible and digestible for all.”

“With an ever-growing need for us all to prioritise our wellbeing in these stressful times, I want to provide access to support, healing tools and resources for self-development, without people having to pay thousands of dollars,” she says.

While this book doesn’t replace therapy it can help provide people with deep personal insights, a toolkit of resources and a few giggles along the way!

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin


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