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Words of Comfort by Rebekah Ballagh

Have you lost a loved one? Experiencing a relationship break-up? Have you had a major life change, battling a health issue or have a friend who is grieving? Grief comes in many different forms and Rebekah Ballagh’s latest book offers many ways to help navigate your feelings.

“Grief is a very intense experience and can be very hard to put into words,” says Rebekah.

“It is fraught with conflicting and complicated emotions and can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do and where to turn. I created Words of Comfort to help.”

This book explores the experiences of grieving and the emotions and thoughts that may surface. It also offers strategies to help you navigate through your grief. Words of Comfort is presented in three parts – going through it, getting through and been through it. This simple structure includes the experience of loss, advice and learning after loss. Grounding exercises and journal prompts are just some of the tools Rebekah shares in this wonderfully diverse and inclusive illustrated book. The combination of Rebekah’s background as a qualified counsellor and her talent as an illustrator add a special element. Rebekah’s empathetic words ensure the reader understands they are not alone in their experience of grief. Grief may ebb and flow, has no timeline and is different for everyone, she explains. “Whatever you may be thinking and feeling right now, trust that it is normal, it is allowed, it is all part of the process,” she writes.

As with her previous books, Words of Comfort is as engaging to read as it is informative. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to better understand and process their emotions. This book offers comfort for all scenarios, whether it’s the death of a pet, bankruptcy, job loss, miscarriage or an empty nest.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin, RRP $24.99


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