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Where the Grass is Green by Lauren Weisberger

Where the Grass is Green is the latest novel from the bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada. Meet the Marcus sisters. Petyon is a glamorous television presenter, the anchor of the most-watched morning show in New York. She is recognised by millions of viewers and has an adoring husband and a daughter, Max heading to one of the best Ivy League schools. Max has waited her entire life to pursue her dreams in film and can’t wait to ditch the spoiled rich kids at her fancy private school.

Meanwhile, her sister, Skye is a stay-at-home mom in an upscale suburb who has the desire to help make a difference with a meaningful charity project.

However, both have a secret and one little lie is all it takes for both of their lives to unravel. As the illusions begin to crack, resentments surface and suddenly the grass doesn’t look so green. The sisters are left wondering, will they have what it takes to survive the truth?

Lauren’s fans will thoroughly enjoy her latest novel with its sharp observations and commentary on modern life. Where the Grass is Green is the perfect read for a holiday or a staycation. Follow Lauren Weisberger online.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Harper Collins, RRP $32.99


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