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Unicorn Academy: Isabel and Cloud by Julie Sykes

Join the students at Lakeside Unicorn Academy, where best friends are unicorns and magical adventures are guaranteed.

Isabel loves exploring Unicorn Island and relaxing on the banks of Sparkle Lake with her unicorn, Cloud. But as new friends, Isabel and Cloud are finding it difficult to get along. Isabel is impulsive, while Cloud is more cautious. They will have to get along better, because someone has cast a bad spell on Sparkle Lake. Isabel and Cloud will have to learn to trust each other as they embark on an adventure to save the school. Can they navigate their differences and complete their rescue mission?

Isabel and Cloud is the latest book in the Unicorn Academy series for seven to nine year olds. If you're kids have read Sophia and Rainbow or Scarlett and Blaze they will enjoy the latest installment. This is a fun and engaging read with lovely illustrations throughout.

Julie Sykes has been sharing stories since childhood. She has written over 70 books and lives in England with her family. Illustrator Lucy Truman is one of the United Kingdom's leading commercial illustrators.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Allen & Unwin, RRP $14.99


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