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Two Rabbits by Larissa Ferenchuk


Little Brown Rabbit and Little Grey Rabbit have had an argument. As they go their separate ways into the night, the wind whispers around them to remind them of their sharp words. Will they be able to come back together and find a way to save their friendship?

Author Larissa Ferenchuck explores the physical and emotional journey of friendship and all the sticking points it can bring. The rabbits experience anger, sadness and loneliness as their friendship challenges them. The story opens with the pair hurling words at each other, that anyone who has been around children before will instantly recognise.

Ferenchick uses repetition to great effect, highlighting how both bunnies are on a similar emotional path, even though they end up in quite different places.

She uses lots of lovely literary devices within the story, each page busts with onomatopoeia, metaphors and alliteration.

Readers aren't told what the argument is about, giving the story a universal appeal and allowing readers to place their own experiences into the picture.

Illustrator Prue Pittock has created charming artwork to accompany the story. Her illustrations are uncluttered but with lots of detail, and each character is an individual. There's subtle nods to emotion within the illustrations too, with moody grey skies giving way to a pastel sunrise and the dawning of a new day.

Publisher EK Books is known for its catalogue of "books with heart on issues that matter". This is another stellar example, helping younger readers develop their social emotional literacy. EK Books also develops incredible teacher notes to accompany their books, jam-packed full of ideas, curriculum links and ways the books can be utilised to reach their full potential. For any children's book with a big message, the most important thing is to reflect and discuss it, in order to really help cement the learning. EK Books teacher notes will help any adult who reads the book, teacher or not, to do that.

Two Rabbits is a sweet, simple book with an important message that will help younger readers explore different areas of friendship.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

EK Books


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