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Tropical Terry by Jarvis

Terry, the little blue fish has two friends, Cilla, the crab and Steve, the sea snail. They have three favourite games, Dodge-a- Dolphin, Shark Speed and Hide-a- fish. Terry is attracted to the glamorous tropical fish but when he tries to make friends with them they say both Terry and his games are boring.

Terry transforms himself into an exciting and splendid fish by disguising himself with seaweed and brightly coloured bits and bobs and becomes Tropical Terry, the most popular fish in All of Coral Reef City. But when Eddie the Eel comes looking for dinner, Terry discovers that being small and plain and being good at games is not so bad after all.

‘Tropical Terry’ is a lot of fun to read with young children. The story is entertaining and the illustrations are entrancing; colourful and full of energy. There are also ‘surprises’ amongst the illustrations - fish hiding, hidden caves and notices that children love to find. The book also has interesting messages about friendship and the importance of being yourself - it would be a great classroom book that could engender a lot of discussion.

Reviewer: Paddy Richardson

Walker Books


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