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Treasure Hunt House by Kate Davies, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

You are invited to Treasure Hunt House...

Two children receive a letter from their mysterious Great-aunt Martha inviting them to stay. When they arrive, she is nowhere to be seen - but she's left a treasure hunt for them to solve...

When they arrive at the house, Great- Aunt Martha is not there but Jo her housekeeper invites them in. This is a gorgeous book full of 50 flaps. Each page Jo gives the children a clue to solve. To solve the clues they need to lift every flap which are filled with exquisite items from all around the world, not only is it a treasure hunt but also history made fun learning about where each item in the house has originated from. You go through many rooms, The Hallway, The Kitchen, The Bedroom, The Bathroom, The Living room and more. Right at the end is a fun twist for the children and the readers.

This book is not for small children as some of the flaps are tricky to pull up and could be ripped off.

A fun take on a history book and with its beautiful embossed cover and hardback its a great coffee table book that is fun to have around for guests and to entertain, you can't help but keep going back to it and finding those flaps you missed the first time around.

Reviewer: Chrissy Metge

Quarto Group UK, RRP: $48.50


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