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Timmy Failure: Sanitized For Your Protection by Stephan Pastis

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series sees Timmy Failure take to the road – with the usual disastrous consequences. Everyone’s favourite kid detective is back in the newest addition to the series, which sees Timmy on a road trip with none other than notorious criminal Molly Moskins.

Travelling halfway across the country to help his mother’s boyfriend settle into his new job would be inconvenient for any detective, let alone the founder of Total Failure Inc. Timmy has a case to solve, and nothing will stand in his way. If he is to solve the YIP YAP case, Timmy, his sidekick polar bear Total, and Molly Moskins must go on the run.

This original and quirky story will capture the imaginations of preteens. Young boys especially will enjoy the shenanigans Timmy gets up to. He is an hilarious character to rival Wimpy Kid, Big Nate and Barry Loser. It’s a simple read and the little cartoons littered throughout will appeal to short attention spans and reluctant readers.

The story touches on some serious issues but it is kept light and funny as it is very well written. Pastis has written it on two levels. On the simplest level Timmy Failure is a straightforward comedy about a bumbling, oblivious boy detective. But there is a whole other sublevel to the story, which is so subtle and masterfully understated. The ending is simply perfect.

This is a great series for those between about eight and 12-year-old, and would make a great book for parents to read aloud with their children. Yes, Timmy Failure is nonsensical fun, but that’s what childhood is all about.

REVIEWER: Rebekah Fraser

TITLE: Timmy Failure: Sanitized For Your Protection

AUTHOR(S): Stephan Pastis

PUBLISHER: Walker Books

RRP: $19.99


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