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The Wonky Donkey and Others Stories by Craig Smith

Who can believe it's been a decade since a three-legged, one-eyed donkey burst onto the scene. To celebrate Wonky Donkey's 10th birthday, Scholastic has released a special anniversary edition containing some of author Craig Smith's best books.

The Wonky Donkey is joined by Willbee the Bumblee Bee, My Daddy Ate an Apple, Square Eyes, and The Scariest Thing in the Garden in this hardcover treasury.

Also included in the book is the CD featuring all five books performed by Smith himself. Two of the songs, The Wonky Donkey and The Scariest Thing in the Garden, have won the APRA Children's Song of the Year categories.

Smith and illustrator Katz Cowley include a wee introduction for the reader about what sort of impact that well-loved donkey has made on their lives.

Along with Cowley, fellow illustrator Scott Tulloch's also plays a part. He illustrated My Daddy Ate an Apple, Square Eyes, and The Scariest Thing in the Garden. All three creators get their 'about' page at the end of the book.

Each story is faithful to its original printing - there's no re-design or alterations. Just simply, the five stories all printed together. Each story is segmented by a different coloured title page to make them stand out.

The publishers have also handily included a ribbon to make it easy for readers to mark exactly where they are up to. The end pages are a nice touch too, a beautiful mash up of some of the weird and wacky characters readers will find within the book.

With Smith's trademark funny, slightly naughty lyrics, and Cowley and Tulloch's distinctive illustrations this is a wonderful treasury that will delight little readers over and over again.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Scholastic, RRP $29.99


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