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The Tiny Woman’s Coat by Joy Cowley

A tiny woman is cold. She needs a new coat but she is so tiny that she cannot simply buy a new one from a story. The shopkeeper wouldn’t even be able to see her. So she must rely on her own ability to find and use the elements of nature to help keep her warm.

She works with nature to construct a perfect fitting coat from leaves, horse hair, a porcupine spike and the sharp beak of a goose. It is a celebration of both kiwi ingenuity and our close connection to the world around us.

Originally released in the 70s, this version includes stunning artistry from Giselle Clarkson. It is a visually impressive reimagination of the classic story.

There is something joyous about this story as this little woman uses such an eclectic array of material to construct this new garment. There is a definite likeability of this little woman in this reimagined version from Clarkson.

There is a reason why this has become a classic. It is a heartwarming story of togetherness and support.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Gecko Press


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