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The Little Bad Wolf by Sam Bowring

The Little Bad Wolf by comedian/writer Sam Bowring tackles the difficulty of living up to your family’s notoriety. The Little Bad Wolf is grumpy – all he wants to do is make trouble. He dreams of wrecking havoc like his grandad, the Big Bad Wolf, but he’s just not big enough to cause much fuss.

No matter how much he annoys Mrs Pig, she gets her own back by pretending his antics have caused her no bother at all. In fact, the Little Bad Wolf ends up being praised for his good deeds and being doomed to repeat them.

Lachlan Creagh’s comic book-style illustrations are bursting with life, and packed with details. In The Little Bad Wolf lovers of fairy tales will enjoy the linguistic and stylistic references to fairy tales of old.

With the comic style and references to other fairy tales, it’s a fun picture book for older readers.

REVIEWER: Heidi Bailey-North

TITLE: The Little Bad Wolf

AUTHOR(S): Sam Bowring

ILLUSTRATOR: Lachlan Creagh


RRP: $19.99