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The Feeling of Cancer by Sandra Russell

As someone who has had cancer and who is now thankfully 12 years clear, I greatly admire Sandra Russell for writing about her experience of having incurable cancer.

She is a psychotherapist, and in this highly personal book, she shares with the reader the next six years following the shock diagnosis of cancer, learning to live with cancer and the enormous emotional challenges along the way. I remember how confronting the emotional side of having cancer was when I had a reasonably good prognosis, so I can’t imagine the utter shock of getting told that your cancer is incurable.

Sandra takes us on a journey of discovery that goes beyond the physical demands and medical treatment, and we follow her when she is experiencing the most vulnerable of feelings, especially after being in remission and the devastation of relapse. But thankfully, there are also lighter moments where life triumphs over cancer’s hold.

The Feeling of Cancer is raw and honest and ultimately powerful as Sandra gains a level of inner peace again. This is a book that will appeal to many people facing cancer, and also their nearest and dearest, as they try to make sense of living with cancer. Beautifully written, it’s a courageous book that will most certainly help others in a similar situation.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Self Aware Publishing


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