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The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook by Morgan McGlynn Carr

The overall concept for cheese pairings is mastering combinations to take your cheese pairings to the next level, whether it is pairing cheese with a drink or with other food.

The book explains cheese pairing, has information about different styles of cheese and how we taste and then we are into the main content of the book – the cheese pairing! So there is everything from the cheese pairings you’d see on a cheese board, pairing with vegetables and fruit, pickles and olives, different types of crackers, nuts, chocolates, honey, and jams and chutneys.  

The recipes I really liked include:

·         Fancy goat’s curd canapes

·         Baked artichokes with pecorino

·         Chocolate salami

·         Baked camembert with apricot

·         Spicy pickled carrots

·         Baked feta filo with watermelon

·         Cashew nut brittle

·         Easy homemade honeycomb

The next section in the book pairs cheese with different styles of wines, beer, cocktails, coffee and tea, with more recipes. The World Cheese Pairings take us to France, Italy, the USA and Britain. There is also a seasonal section.

The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook is the book to help you pair like a professional. Attractively presented with innovative lists, charts, and delicious recipes, it has everything you need to know about cheese pairing and more.

Reviewer: Iain McKenzie

White Lion Publishing


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