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The Cereal Entrepreneur by Kaz Staples

The Cereal Entrepreneur is Kaz Staples’ memoir of setting up Puredelish, a highly successful cereal and snack brand. This is a highly personal and honest account of the trials and tribulations of her life. But it is much more than a book for anyone interested in setting up their own business. It’s a highly readable account of one woman’s fascinating life.

Kaz comes from humble beginnings, and her business was born out of making Christmas cakes when she was strapped for cash as a young mum with babies at home. It slowly became the sought-after Puredelish brand she sold after twenty-two years. She shares the grit and determination she had to have to achieve her dream.

There were so many struggles. At one stage, Kaz was working three jobs to make ends meet. She says that manufacturing food in New Zealand is not for the faint-hearted, and when she goes into some detail, it becomes evident this is a challenging area of the commercial world to succeed in.

Kaz also shares her love of Cross-Fit, her battle with an eating disorder, and how cancer has affected her family and took the life of her best friend – as well as her own battle with cancer. The love of her husband and children is evident on every page.

And when she shares her great success, I just want to stand up and applaud. If anyone deserves success, it is Kaz. She has worked incredibly hard to get where she is. Among numerous awards, in May 2019, Kaz received an Order of Merit at Government House in Auckland for her ‘services to the food industry’.

The Cereal Entrepreneur is a story of one woman’s grit and determination to follow her dreams. It is inspirational, and I’d recommend it to everyone, whether in business or not - this is truly an incredible book.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan