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Spike The Hedgehog who Lost his Prickles

Spike, a little hedgehog, has always had impressive prickles. But one morning, after a particularly scary dream, he wakes up completely bare! Oh no! Feeling very embarrassed, he goes in search of something to cover himself, from a paper lampshade to a tea cup to a very stinky sock. But nothing stops the other animals giggling at him. Poor Spike!

This story had my son and I giggling out loud! But at the same time it had important themes that my son (three) picked up on: friendship, feeling vulnerable, feeling embarrased and teasing, all in a fun light way that made it great for me to talk about, and with the illustrations it is just a really fun story to read and have on your family book shelf!

Reviewer: Chrissy Metge

Nosy Crow, RRP: $27.99


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