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Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep by Deborah Hinde

While we are sleeping, Little Kiwi hunts for a midnight feast, escapes a nasty predator and arrives back at his burrow safe and sound as the sun rises.

Inspired by author Deborah Hinde's grandson who struggles to switch off at night, she wrote and illustrated this cute book that makes for the perfect bedtime story for sleepy little ones.

As usual, Hinde's illustrations are dreamy. The cute critters are full of personality, and are instantly recognisable. The opening double spread, featuring a tūī at dusk, sets the tone. With warm colours and rich in detail, the book is a visual feast. We had a lot of fun hunting out all the creatures - the bumblebee in a leaf hammock, a particular favourite. Packed full of native flora and fauna, the book has the ability to be quite educational as well.

The story is sweet, but not the usual lovey dovey bedtime story that is so common. There's a hint of drama, but Hinde manages the gentle balance between excitement and relaxation using gentle language, to match the illustrations. It's lyrical and poetic, lulling those who read it to relax and unwind.

Hinde doesn't shy away from including te reo Māori, and it was refreshing to see tohutō (macrons) used correctly. While the te reo Māori is fairly basic, for those that aren't quite sure a helpful glossary spells it out. The pictorial glossary also includes te reo Māori for animals and objects not directly used in the text. It served as a fun additional 'eye spy' too, with my children spending a good deal of time trying to spot the exact illustration in the body of the book.

Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep is the perfect peaceful and poetic bedtime story for little kiwis.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

PictureBook Publishing, RRP $19.99


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