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Slave Power by Raewyn Dawson

With shades of Clave of the Cave Bears and The Hunger Games, Slave Power is the first in a new series. Set in the East of the Black Sea around 300 BC, this is a tale of Amazon Tribes under threat from slave traders who are showing no mercy as they attack the peaceful tribes living on the Plains. Fifteen-year-old Melo is a gifted rider in the Wild Horse Tribe, and she is destined to become a leader in her female warrior clan. But Mithrida, another young woman in the tribe, is motivated by envy and has other plans for Melo. And larger danger looms as the tribe prepares itself for a possible attack by slave traders.

Meanwhile, Sofia, a young priestess-in-training on the Holy Island, has questions about the strangers who have landed on their isolated part of the world. It’s not long before the worlds of priestesses, warriors, traders and slaves collide. But the Wild Horse Tribe live by the ‘Peace Way’ – will this succeed or be their downfall?

Slave Power is a pleasure to read. It is fast-paced with plenty of action and adventure, but also wonderful characters that you will care for – strong female protagonists who are a delight. I also enjoyed the way Melo and the Wild Horse Tribe looked for ways to cooperate in the midst of conflict in the hopes of achieving a peaceful resolution. You will need to read the book to see if they were successful!

Slave Power is a novel that gripped from the opening page with its pacey plot and dynamic characters. While technically a novel for young adults, this book will be enjoyed by an older audience as well. I am so pleased this is the first in a planned series as I can’t wait to devour the next installment!

REVIEWER: Karen McKenzie

TITLE: Slave Power

AUTHOR(S): Raewyn Dawson

PUBLISHER: Mary Egan Publishing

RRP: $24.99


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