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Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny by Fred Blunt

Santa Claus is, as we all know, a jolly fellow. The Easter Bunny however is not.

Santa has it so easy: a workforce of elves to make the presents, a team of reindeer to deliver them, even a hi-spec factory. The Easter Bunny has to make and wrap all the chocolate eggs in his garden shed, and deliver them himself on foot. No wonder you often find them thrown all over your garden. Now this little bunny has run out of patience and devised a devious plot. The holidays just got serious.

So begins a tale of revenge that ends up having a very unexpected result.

Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny is a fun and funny book aimed at pre-schoolers. While a touch too long for mine, Blunt has written a fast-paced book with lots of dialogue. That makes it a great book to read aloud and really get stuck into voices and expressions, thereby capturing little reader’s interests just long enough to last the story.

His comical illustrations also capture interest, with lots of colour and expression. Easter Bunny’s almost evil personality in parts of the book are such a departure from the traditional sweet little bunny, which makes it even more funny.

Blunt uses speech bubbles within the text, introducing younger readers to the concept of dialogue in a great visual way.

There is a great little moral to the story, with the Easter Bunny learning about revenge, and how when we seek revenge, it’s often out of a sense of fairness. Young readers will learn that two wrongs do not make a right, about manners, and that ultimately kindness will win in the end.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Allen & Unwin, RRP $22.99


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