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Piki Te Ora by Hira Nathan and Jessie Eyre

This fully illustrated wellbeing journal for children, based upon the Māori principles of hauora, is simply delightful.

From the bestselling author of Whakawhetai: Gratitude, this is essentially the child's version of that book. Inside, younger readers will find activities and ideas to help them learn about the different sides of themselves, and how they make them happy. From whānau, to moving their body, to caring for others and the environment, this encompasses every part of wellbeing. 

The four taha and te taiao are woven throughout the book. There's also room for children to write their own thoughts and to draw and doodle, alongside cool pictures to colour in and more. The authors have included a handy glossary, simple explanations of more complex concepts like Te Whare Tapawhā, a look at Matariki and kīwaha that anyone can use in their everyday lives. Each pair of pages has an activity - some readers can do alone, others with their whānau and friends. 

Co-author Jessie Eyre is a primary school teacher and it's clear to see her impact on this book - it is a fantastic resource that won't just languish on a bookshelf. It's usable, interactive and educational.

Illustrations by Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho absolutely pop, with a veritable rainbow bursting from the pages. Kopeke-Te Aho worked with co-author Hira Nathan on Whakawhetai and the pair have done a fabulous job tailoring this journal to their audience. The illustrations, like the content in Piki Te Ora, echo Whakawhetai, but are more simplified for younger readers. Kopeke-Te Aho's artwork will inspire younger artists to explore toi Māori.

Piki Te Ora is an inspirational bilingual journal that motivates tamariki to contribute, care and nurture. It's an important resource that upholds and enhances children's mana and helps build the blocks of wellbeing.


Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell

Allen & Unwin


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