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Past Tense by Lee Child

There's no mistaking the enigma that is Jack Reacher - standing six foot, five inches tall, 100kg, dirty blond hair and icy blue eyes. Reacher is constantly moving, never putting down roots or creating lasting bonds with people he meets. Whether he's on the road, hitchhiking or in the city, adventure is never far away for the ex-Army MP.

Returning to California, Reacher decides to detour and visit the town where his late father grew up.

Growing up, Reacher heard plenty about his father's rural New Hampshire hometown. However, the homecoming quickly becomes a mystery when he discovers no record of anyone named Reacher ever having lived there.

Meanwhile, a young Canadian couple are stranded in an eerie motel with friendly strangers who have ulterior motives. Naturally, Reacher finds himself unravelling the mystery as he embarks on an adrenaline fuelled adventure.

Reacher remains an enigma because the more you discover about him, the more interesting he becomes. He shuns consumerism and has made it through the last twenty years of the book series with merely a tooth brush and a single change of clothes! Past Tense is classic Reacher and will have you turning every page in suspense.

Lee Child is a bestselling thriller writer who was fired from his job as a TV producer, aged 40 and decided to write a book. That book was Killing Floor, the first in the Jack Reacher series, which now numbers 23 titles. It is said that a Jack Reacher novel is sold somewhere in the world, every nine seconds! Born in England, Lee Child now lives in New York and has homes in the British countryside and south of France.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Bantam Press, RRP $38.00


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