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Parallel Lives by Jennifer Andrewes

Jennifer Andrewes and her family share a love of travel, language and culture. For as long as she can remember, the self-confessed Francophile has always dreamt of living in France.

Increasingly dissatisfied with the routine of corporate life, Jennifer and her family did what many only dream about. In 2014, they packed up their life in Wellington, New Zealand to spend time living in the south-west region of France.

They loved it so much, that two years later they returned and did it again. On their second visit, they lived on the opposite side of the same historic square. Having fulfilled a long held dream to experience four seasons of family life in the Pyrenees, they then bought a pied-à-terre. Now, the Andrewes family regularly divide their time between New Zealand and France.

Parallel Lives is based on the family’s popular blog, which was originally intended as a family diary. The blog shared their experiences and ongoing adventures.

If you’ve ever considered spending time living in France with your family, this book is required reading! Jennifer writes openly, sharing personal insights and experiences in an engaging way.

Jennifer says anyone can make their dream a reality. Her advice, is don’t wait for the ‘perfect moment’ to make the commitment to living abroad. Finding the time to take an extended break can be challenging, so plan ahead and invest in your adventure. This includes booking flights 12 months in advance and researching destinations with particular consideration to schools and housing. Before you travel, take the time to learn the language, either online or at community classes. Once you arrive, make local connections and seek every opportunity to speak French daily.

Parallel Lives is a delightful book about a real Kiwi family living their dream in a most magical part of France, says fellow Francophile, Allyson Gofton. I couldn’t agree more! In our NZ Booklovers Q&A, we also asked Jennifer what inspired her to write Parallel Lives.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy Parallel Lives, RRP $34.99


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