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Pakupaku Pīwakawaka by Marion Day

Pakupaku Pīwakawaka is a child of the god Tane and serves as protector of his forest. As each predator attempts to enter the forest, Pīwakawaka greets them with his distinctive tweet. “Tī-ā-tī-ā-tītā-kāti… Stop!” The intruders must explain themselves, and it is determined who will be sent away and who will remain.

This creative non-fiction book is the latest in author Marion Day's nature series.

The story teaches children about predators lurking within our native forests, as told through the eyes of a bold, yet endearing, fantail. Each page is fairly formulaic. The younger children I read it to took just a few pages to pick up and join in with fantail's distinctive call.

Illustrated by Anna Evans, the pages sing with native flora and fauna. Pakupaku is full of expression and character - that cover illustration shows just how seriously the bird takes its job. As well as the predators, Evans includes plenty of other creatures and critters to spot. Bold colours and clean, crisp illustrations draw the eye in.

Beginning with an information page about the bird and ending with what we can do to save our forests, Pakupaku Pīwakawaka is another great book from Day that shares her tremendous love for nature and the environment.

Reviewer: Rebekah Lyell AM Publishing New Zealand


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