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Oscar The Unicorn Eats Christmas by Lou Carter

It's Christmas Eve and Oscar the unicorn is hungry. He's eaten the Christmas tee, the stockings, and is about to make a start on the presents. But at least he hasn't eaten the magic reindeer food that allows the reindeer to fly...or has he?!

How is Santa going to deliver presents to the rest of fairyland with his trusty reindeer unable to fly? Fortunately, Princess Oola has an idea. Oscar will make the best 'reindicorn' ever.

This big pink unicorn is causing havoc again, in this wickedly funny second Oscar book from author Lou Carter.

Carter used to be a primary school teacher before turning her hand to writing picture books. As a result, she knows how to capture, and keep, children's attention when telling a story. There's plenty of interesting words, room for lots of vocal expressions, and a funny plot line too.

Oscar the Hungry Unicorn is also a wonderful twist on the traditional unicorn - it's not saccharine sweet or overly 'girly'.

The story does play a little bit into capitalising on the Christmas market a little bit. It's not a flawless story, or as original as the first Oscar book. But that's okay. It's a simple, funny Christmas story without being overly focused on the traditional side of the festive season.

Illustrator Nikki Dyson is back on board for this second outing of the funny unicorn too. She's done a lovely job of adding plenty of festive cheer to the pages, while keeping Oscar hilariously deadpan. Dyson also adds in lots of funny pictures and jokes, allowing those of us who are more visual to enjoy some humour. Once again, the end pages are a delight.

The book design includes a glittered cover for added sparkle. This also plays into the unicorn stereotype, which is promptly flipped inside the cover.

Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Christmas is a funny sequel to the original, full of Christmas fun and silliness. A wonderful book to find under the tree this year.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Hachette New Zealand, RRP $19.99


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