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Oliver Kitten’s Diary by Gareth St John Thomas

It must be noted at the start of this review that cats are a personal predilection for this reviewer. They have that special something that is so indescribable and yet so obvious once you become a cat owner. In his own way, Gareth St John Thomas has begun to answer those questions that are on the minds of every cat owner - just what are they thinking?

Taking that to the next level, Thomas has put his creative voice to the test with an ambitious undertaking and painstakingly researched perspective of a young kitten, Oliver.

Born into a family of strange humans, Oliver begins keeping a secret diary of his escapades and goings on around the family home. It has an almost cinematic Spielbergian-‘Catch me if you can’-vibe to the whole thing where the experiences of this young adventurous kitty are almost unbelievable.

There is a real meticulousness to the entries from Oliver, and something that one would think wouldn’t hold the imagination for much more than a few pages. Thomas has outdone himself on this front. The narrative slowly evolves to draw out the plot and explore a thoroughly entertaining sequence of events. The way the story unfolds keeps you reading just that little bit more.

Of all the wonderful aspects of this story, it’s the voice that constantly leaves the reader amazed. The ability to capture the uncapturable, to document the challenging, and to really get inside the mind of a cat - as far as one can imagine.

Presented beautifully with simple but effective illustrations, this book will surely entice even the most fussy of cat owners with its presentation and witty language choices.

Independent publishers need support because the work they produce, like this one, is just so blimmin’ good. Thomas has worked incredibly hard to capture that enigmatic voice of a little feline and, dare it be said, has nailed it.

Reviewer: Chris Reed

Exisle Publishing


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