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Oh No! Look What The Cat Dragged In by Joy H Davidson

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

A mischievous cat drags all kinds of things through the cat flap at night until finally, much to Grandma’s annoyance, the whole house is overrun. What is she to do?

Joy Davidson’s newest picture book is a fun read along story that will delight and inspire younger readers. It features repetitive phrases that encourage children to join in too.

It’s also funny, with Grandma’s house descending into chaos as the cat brings a range of increasingly icky creatures inside each night. This is where Jenny Cooper’s illustrations really shine. She gives each creature in the story such personality and charm. From the weasel to the tiniest fly, each one is bursting with personality. Grandma’s cat is a delightful character, brought to life by Cooper’s illustrations. She perfectly captures that nonchalant expression cat lover’s know too well.

Davidson has hidden plenty of literacy conventions and learning within the text. The days of the week are cleverly incorporated into the story, as are lots of writing features. Capital letters to show emphasis, exclamation marks and speech are all features. Text snakes across pages which adds to the fun. Pockets of larger font make it easy for older readers to really add emphasis and drama to the reading.

Davidson’s ending to the story is clever, funny and, while not unexpected, sure to delight.

The mischievous cat’s adventures have become a favourite in our household. Oh No! Look What The Cat Dragged In is a delightful, light hearted read that will have adults and children laughing together.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

DHD Publishing, RRP $19.99


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