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Need a House? Call Ms Mouse? by George Mendoza and Doris Susan Smith

Need a house? Ms Mouse will come to the rescue! Henrietta Mouse has designed and built houses for all of her friends: Rabbit, Caterpillar, Trout, Otter, Squirrel, and Mole to name a few… and what houses! Each is exactly right for its owner. Trout’s is an underwater Atlantis. Frog’s ‘pad’ is just what he needs. Lizard has a place to bask in the sun. Cat has plenty of beds for relaxing on… and Ms Mouse is quite happy when Cat is resting, rather than mouse catching!

This charming children’s classic by George Mendoza, award-winning author of over 100 children’s and adult’s books, will continue to delight in its new edition. Originally published in 1981, its illustrations are also a visual treat, with plenty to look at and details to be devoured. What kind of statues can you find in Pig’s fancy manor house? The book is fanciful with room for the imagination to roam. It also might inspire some budding young architects! Readers might wonder which house they would like to choose for themselves, or how would they design their own dream home? If you are reading aloud, you might pause admire bear’s honeybee bedspread, Caterpillar’s well-stocked basement and whistling teapot, Fox’s fireside meal and Rabbit’s plentiful stack of corn cobs.

Both the story and the illustrations have a classic feel to them. For those who haven’t read the book before, it will no doubt soon become a favourite!

Reviewer: Susannah Lyon-Whaley

Allen & Unwin


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