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The Lost Lover by Karen Swan

This is the latest instalment in the utterly addictive Wild Isle series, set on the remote island of St Kilda, off the coast of Scotland. Flora MacQueen yearns for life across the water, and her future seems bright when she meets wealthy James Callaghan.

But the entire population of St Kilda is evacuated, and as the islanders prepare to leave the island for the final time, Flora’s dreams are brutally shattered. Tragedy strikes, and a lie by a fellow islander changes everything.

With only her remarkable beauty, a talent for singing and her wits, she takes on the opportunity of fame and fortune in Paris, in order to support her family. But she knows already that wealthy men often make empty promises, and her so-called ‘fame’ is nothing but a gilded cage. But when she thinks all is lost, something remarkable occurs.

The Lost Lover is epic, sweeping historical fiction at its most enthralling. If you read this, you will immediately want to devour the others in the series, The Last Summer and The Stolen Hours.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Pan Macmillan


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