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Nanas With No Manners by Justin Christopher

Three nanas, who live in the City of Seas, never say thank you or please. When they're on holiday and find the resort doesn't serve their favourite chocolate nachos and cheese, carnage ensues.

Author Justin Christopher knows what kids find funny - farts and rudeness - and combines the two. While I wasn't personally a fan, that's ok because this is not a book for me. For the intended reader though, this is a book that will delight. The nanas are rude, there's fart jokes galore and Christopher delivers a lesson without it being moralistic. The rhyming is silly and fun. There were parts where I got tongue-tied reading aloud, which while unintended by the author, added to the laughs.

Illustrator Minky Stapleton does a fantastic job with the artwork. The nanas are hilarious, with wonderful expressions and character. These lots to take in alongside the story too - a swan falling in love with a floaty and a three-eyed frog were particular delights. There's a lot of little design delights too, from the graffiti on the cover to Minky's dedication in spray paint.

Nanas With No Manners will tickle the funny bone of any younger reader (or adult with a young sense of humour) with its rude yet loveable cast of naughty nanas.

Reviewed by Rebekah Lyell

Scholastic NZ


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