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My Dead Bunny by Sigi Cohen

The narrator of My Dead Bunny loves his pet, and when the Brad the bunny dies, he wants nothing more than to have his pet rabbit back. Until his bunny does return… as a zombie.

Sigi Cohen’s fun rhymes, with James Foley’s cartoonish but macabre illustrations make for a fun picture book that most kids will love. However parents may be divided on how appropriate it is to be talking about a rabbits head being eaten by worms, so I do suggest having a read of the book (it isn’t long) to assess its content before snapping it up for your little one.

The book is pitched to boys ages seven plus, but its picture book style makes it one that younger kids will grab off the shelf and read with delight, so as far as age goes it is really up to the parents’ discretion. As for it being a “boy’s book”… my four and a half year old daughter thinks it is the best book ever and giggles away at every page, even after reading it five times in a row.

The illustrations remind me a little of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and they are mostly back and white with Bunny Brad being the only element (along with some shadows) with colour. The effect is both eerie and cute, and in some pages Bunny Brad is quite hidden so it makes spotting him even more fun.

My Dead Bunny is sure to delight kids, especially those with a quirky sense of humour. If you are a parent who isn’t too fussed about censoring your kids from death and worms and zombies, then take a look at this zombie rabbit tale.

REVIEWER: JJ McConnachie

TITLE: My Dead Bunny

AUTHOR(S): Sigi Cohen


PUBLISHER: Walker Books


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