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My Bum is so Cheeky by Dawn McMillan (Illustrated by Ross Kinnaird)

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

It’s not hard to see why Dawn McMillan’s My Bum series has been so popular. It is just so funny. McMillan is able to capture the humour and wonder that captivates children both here in New Zealand and around the world. When reading through it, often there is a pause in our household to ensure that we don’t miss the next part from all the laughing.

Once again, McMillan has teamed up with Ross Kinnaird to provide the illustrations to the story about the boy and his cheeky bum. This time, the poor boy’s bum is just too busy, it keeps wanting to go out, to jump around, to just be active. Even when the boy doesn’t want to. What are you to do in that situation? What are the parents to do?

A trampoline is the answer. The bum gets all the workout it can possibly get, and the boy can finally get some rest.

As per usual, the writing is splendid and the rhyme doesn’t feel contrived or unoriginal. It’s fun, engaging and hilarious. McMillan is on to a winner, and remains able to bring joy to children. It’s on high rotation at bedtime in our household!

Reviewer: Chris Reed



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