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Moonlight Sonata by Eileen Merriman

It’s the annual New Year family get-together and Molly knows some secrets should never be told.

Molly is dreading having to spend the summer holidays with her mother at the family bach. However, she is pleased her son can hang out with his cousins. She is also looking forward to catching up with her brothers, in particular, Joe…

Moonlight Sonata is a provocative novel of forbidden love and family secrets. The novel began life as a short story featured on Radio New Zealand’s Short Story Club in 2017. The characters and their tense situation developed and before long Eileen had transformed the story into a full length novel.

Despite tackling the taboo subject of incest, Moonlight Sonata is engaging and accessible. This is not a story of sexual abuse but explores the attraction between two consenting adults. Eileen examines the ethical dilemma with sympathetic character portrayal. The plot develops in intensity as emotions and human complications are uncovered.

New Zealand author, Eileen Merriman is a prolific writer who holds down a day job as a doctor (haematologist). She has written three young adult titles; Pieces of You, Catch me When You Fall and Invisibly Breathing. Moonlight Sonata is her first adult title and fourth novel in three years. Read an extract here.

Reviewer: Andrea Molloy

Black Swan, RRP $38.00


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