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Miniwings: Moonlight The Unicorn's Hugh Tea Hiccup by Sally Sutton

When Clara and Sophia's honorary great aunties invite the girls to high tea, the young pair are very excited. It means getting dressed up in a twirly dress and wearing a fancy hat and shoes. The mischievous Miniwings like the sound of high tea too - dinky sandwiches and sweet treats - but Clara says they are not invited.

But that won't stop the six sneaky tiny horses from attending.

The sixth book in the Miniwing series, this book follows its predecessors as once again the tiny flying horses cause mischief and mayhem.

This book revolves around Moonlight the unicorn, a pony that loves food. Author Sally Sutton provides a neat overview of each of the six ponies, highlighting their characteristics and loves. This gives readers a wee bit of an insight into the story that awaits them.

It is an easy read with short snappy characters. It is a great book to read aloud, with lots of characters and lively language that begs for plenty of expression. It's also a nice introduction to the world of chapter books for the littler independent readers.

Bright adorable pictures bring the story to life. Illustrator Kirsten Richards crafts delightful line drawings, with a lively colour palette, that makes you want to linger on each page.

While this type of book could easy fall into the saccharine sweet, girly girl territory, Sutton resists. There's mischief and mayhem, toilet humour, and the young girls manage to one-up the adults in their lives a few times.

A dictionary of 'Miniwing-ese' at the end of the book is a sweet touch. So too is the letter from the young girls at the start of the book letting the readers in on the secret of the Miniwings.

Complete with a sparkly cover, and a whole series to collect, the Miniwings series are sure to charm a whole host of younger readers.

Reviewer: Rebekah Fraser

Scholastic, RRP $14.99


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