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Mangrove by Glenda Kane, illustrated by Lisa Allen

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

"Beauty is found in hidden places" is inscribed on the dedication page of this stunning new book. It's fair to say mangroves aren't the most glamorous of trees - with squelching mud and the pong of decaying organic matter breaking down. Yet they have a critically important part to play in keeping our ocean and coastal areas healthy. Author Glenda Kane makes sure readers of all ages get to see just how beautiful, precious and important the mangrove tree, and indeed nature, really is.

She uses rhyming text with a lyrical beat to describe the life cycle of a mangrove. Told from the mangrove's perspective, Kane offers readers an alternative view of the world. From the other animals that rely on mangrove, to the impact of humans, to the 'birth' of a new tree, the magnificence of the mangrove shines through.

Illustrator Lisa Allen has created incredibly beautiful artworks with soft watercolours to illuminate the story. Rich in detail, Allen places the reader right into the coast amongst the mangrove. There's a beautiful double-page spread, free of text, that really lets readers appreciate her art. Dreamy endpapers add to the beauty.

The book was first printed by Penguin in 2007 but has been out of print for a wee while. It's fantastic to see it back on the bookshelves for the next generation of little readers.

Mangrove is a stunning book that will inspire readers to find the hidden beauty of the humble mangrove .

Reviewed by: Rebekah Lyell

Bateman Books, RRP $19.99


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