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Little Truff and the Whales by Ann Russell

Ann Russell is an acclaimed welfare and conservation writer, and she has created a charming tale for animal lovers everywhere with this beautifully illustrated picture book. Lara Frizzell is the illustrator of the colourful and appealing artwork.Little Truff is out with her family in a boat at sea when she senses something is wrong. A whale has become tangled in a net, so the family considers how they can help, even though ‘one slap from her tail could kill us – but we can’t just sit here and watch the humpback die.’The author worked closely with the Department of Conversation New Zealand Large Whale Disentanglement Team, so the story is very factual, despite being a work of fiction. The book also features information pages with useful information about why whales and dolphins strand, and how people can help. The result is a picture book that will have appeal for young children, while also having a clear conservation message that will hopefully inspire young minds.

Milla McKenzie-Brown, aged nine, also read the book, and she adds these comments to the review, ‘I liked the adventure, even though it was sad to begin with. It had a good ending. It’s a nice story, and I liked Little Truff, the dog. The illustrations are amazing, and I liked that they were colourful and detailed. I would rate this book 7/10.’

REVIEWERS: Karen McKenzie and Milla McKenzie-Brown

TITLE: Little Truff and the Whales

AUTHOR(S): Ann Russell

ILLUSTRATOR: Lara Frizzell

PUBLISHER: Ann Russell Books

RRP: $21.00


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