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In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

It is easy to see this book being made into a romcom movie in the future. Franny has just lost her job and is making her way home on the subway, reeling from the shock, with no idea her life will go from bad to straight out embarrassing that very day.

Her dress gets caught in the subway doors on the train, and it rips, leaving her with her rear end displayed for all the commuters to see. A handsome man she immediately names in her mind as ‘Hot Suit’ comes to her aid when he gives her his suit jacket to wear to cover the rip. But it’s a frightfully embarrassing encounter, and when ‘Hot Suit’ leaves the train, Franny assumes she will never see him again.

But Franny hadn’t counted on their encounter being filmed by a live blogger and going viral. Although the encounter was definitely awkward, on camera, it looks like they are destined to be together forever, a moment full of screen chemistry that has everyone engaged.

Franny just hopes her 15 minutes of viral fame will go away, but she is reunited with Hot Suit – real name Hayes – when they are talked into going on a TV show. And she does want to give him back his jacket. But when they meet again, it’s even more awkward. Hayes seems to be an uptight rich guy with no charisma, while Franny seems to have forgotten any filters she might have had.

But fate has other plans for the ‘subway sweethearts’…

Sure, this story is pure cheese, but it’s nicely done cheese, with characters to care for, and it is a warm and engaging tale. In a New York Minute has a nice sense of place and it’s a feel-good read that will have you smiling. Go grab a book before it becomes a movie.

Reviewer: Karen McMillan

Macmillan Publishers


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